An empty barrel. A space so hollow you wouldn’t recognize what it used to be.


Circling flying creature twisting and turning aimless.


Perhaps clouded judgement perhaps genuine wish. Perhaps nothing at all.


Through the vast oceans of the circling lands.


Where. Where are you? I cannot reach you anymore.


Where all is well and the secrets were revealed.


Because there is no win-win. Much is lost and will disappear.

Maybe not much makes sense.

Maybe it doesn’t have to.

Maybe it just is.


E-mail Rant.

It has been about 3 years since Yahoo! has locked me out of my e-mail account.

Today, Google is doing the same. Since a recent move, my IP address is no longer the same. Since I am using a different computer, neither is my MAC address, if google tracks that.

Am I really locked out of my account?

No. However, I might as well be because I do not wish to provide a phone number because it is not safe. A large amount of spam calls and telemarketers comes if the number is given out, especially on the internet.

I never did put a recovery e-mail because I don’t have one. There wasn’t any purpose to multiple e-mails at the time.

I don’t remember what month I created the account in. It could be at any point in so many years since it wasn’t made for a particular purpose.

How can I know when is the last time I accessed it since I don’t use it for a daily purpose?

SMS receiver services hasn’t seemed to work either.

“Google can’t verify it’s you.”

Maybe it’s time to switch to a new service provider.

Surprisingly, I was manage the find my old e-mail. It’s been possibly 10 years since I logged on to that e-mail and yet it is still in tact, not spammed with advertisement and I still have access.

Perhaps it is what I have to stick with.

Perhaps there are other options without giving out personal information.

Google location services already track everything if I dare to have my GPS on.

Technology may be nice, but it sure is scary.


Success Stories

Always wondered why success stories were a thing.

It’s extremely biased for a program to only give success stories without any actual data of the percentage.

Well yeah, it’s just the way advertisement works.

Yes the stories may be true.

Even motivational.

But somethings about them never feels right without input from the other half that tried and failed.